Color picture of a burglary crime scene with fingerprintsWindow Security Film

Tough, easily installed window security film can vastly reduce the chances of a successful break-in at your facilities.

In our careers in law enforcement, the principals guiding Integramax solutions have always prided ourselves in being proactive rather than reactive. With regard to protecting your facilities, this means doing all we can to prevent a criminal actor from obtaining access to the premises in the first place.

Our veteran cops have been on scene at countless commercial and residential burglaries, both as investigators and supervisors. We have dealt with our fair share of home invasions as well.



Breaking a Glass Window is one of the Most Common Ways Criminals Gain Access

Breaking a glass window is second only to forcing a door with regard to preferred method of gaining access to premises among the criminal element Criminals who can pick locks and employ and employ other sophisticated techniques to defeat security do exist, and Integramax does prepare for them. Still, highly skilled professionals represent a fraction of the criminal population. An overwhelming majority of bad actors are going to simply going to kick a door or throw a rock through a window to gain entry.


Window Security Film Makes Your Existing Glass Resistant to Break-Ins

In the past, armoring windows required the use of ballistic glazing, otherwise known as “bulletproof glass.” In addition to being cost prohibitive on most projects, ballistic glazing is difficult and time-consuming to install.

Fortunately, a very effective solution exists today in the form of window security films. Integramax consultants can apply a layer of reinforcement to the inside of your existing glass windows. Available in opacities ranging from crystal clear to various tints designed for substantial energy savings, IntegraMax window security films go a long way toward preventing break-ins.

While a substantial impact will still break the window, the film with hold the broken pieces of glass together, providing a substantial deterrent toward unauthorized entry. Instead of being inside in seconds, even a large, physically fit bad actor armed with a baseball bat will have to expend maximal effort for up several minutes before he can create a hole large enough to climb inside.


Window Films Security Films Provide Protection From Bombs and Other Explosive Devices

In addition to preventing burglaries, windows security films have another benefit.

In the event that a bomb or other explosive device is detonated outside your facility, the film will go a long way to prevent window glass from becoming airborne. Secondary injuries (e.g. those caused by propelled fragments such as shattered glass) tend to cause the vast majority of casualties in bombing incidents, as the lethal range of the fragmentation tends to be far greater than that of the explosive blast itself.

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