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Keycard access control systems provide a high-tech alternative to traditional door locks.

The standard lock and key setup used to secure the vast majority of doors in commercial and residential settings today dates back to 1848. Known as the “pin tumbler” lock, it was patented by Linus Yale thirteen years before the start of the United States Civil War.

While the pin tumbler lock has served society well for nearly 170 years, modern keycard access systems have overcome several shortcomings of its design.

The first major shortcoming of traditional door lock systems revolves around the potential compromise of keys themselves. A key is a small, portable object that can fall into the wrong hands quite easily. Keys are frequently lost and/or stolen. Employees who move on often forget to return them, or keep them intentionally. Finally, keys can be copied at any hardware store irrespective of any “do not copy” markings that may be present. The only plausible solution when it is suspected that a key has been compromised is to re-key each and every lock that it is believed to open. This process is expensive and exceptionally time consuming.

The second major issue with the overwhelming majority of pin tumbler locks on the market today is that they are easily picked. Lock picking is a skill set that is learned in hours, not days, weeks or months. The required tools are inexpensive, and widely available from retailers such as eBay and Amazon. Lock picks can also be hand-made by any person who is the slightest bit mechanically inclined. If you are interested in seeing just how vulnerable traditional locks are, you can get a complete pick set including a clear practice lock from Amazon for less than eleven dollars.

Keycard Access Control Systems Provide Greater Security

Modern keycard access control systems provide an effective solution to both key compromise issues and the less than robust security provided by pin tumbler locks. Keycard lost or stolen? No problem, just log on through the Web and deactivate it. One of your employees needs additional access to cover another position on a weekend? No worries, just update the keycard remotely.

Encryption in enterprise quality keycards provides a substantial increase in security over traditional locks that are often easily picked.

Finally, keycard access control systems provide extensive auditing capabilities, allowing you to identify exactly what time each employee entered/exited. When employed in a layered security system in combination with Integramax HD video surveillance systems, the result provides exceptional security and accountability.

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