The Integramax Ethos:

An ethos is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as:

the distinguishing character, sentiment, moral nature, or guiding beliefs of a person, group, or institution


At Integramax, business ethics are extremely important to us. Our philosophy is codified in the Integramax ethos. It is at the very core of what we do, and something that we proudly share with our clients.


Treat people as you wish to be treated.


It’s really that simple. As long as one keeps this in mind, it’s difficult to do your clients any wrong.

Some of the ways in which we treat others as we wish to be treated:


  • No pressure sales. EVER.
    • There is nothing we detest more than pressure salesmen.
    • Your point of contact with our company will be an active/retired police detective or supervisor (sergeant through chief), not a salesman.
    • Our low-key law enforcement professionals will never pressure you on a decision or otherwise behave aggressively. The “illusion of scarcity” is not in our vocabulary.
    • If someone tells you that a business decision needs to be made today, you are being presented with the easiest choice in the world… The answer is always “no.”
  • Deliver the best value in the industry.
    • We are confident that we provide the best value in the business for the level of expertise we bring into play on every single contract.
    • Confusing the concept of a low price with value is a mistake that we have made ourselves and learned from.
      • Low-ball bidders have either found a way to be exponentially more efficient than everyone else in the industry, or spend less on jobs by cutting corners. Nine times out of ten, it is the latter.
    • Integramax is not a low-ball bidder. We are also not a “boutique” firm with outrageous prices. Our fees our fair, and comprise exceptional value for the level of expertise we provide.
  • Recognize that an educated client is our best customer.
    • In addition to refusing to cut corners, we also refuse to exploit our clients and generate profits by hiding knowledge and information.
    • The Integramax Video Surveillance FAQ was created with this principle in mind. Our goal is for it to be disseminated far and wide in order to prevent customers from being taken advantage of.
  • Employ the best people.
    • Celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck was once asked the secret behind his success. His answer? “Find the best ingredients and try not to screw them up…”
    • This sums up our philosophy on hiring. Our focus is on ethics and intelligence.
    • If you hire smart people of high integrity, everything else is easy.
  • Treat your employees right.
    • If a company’s management will put the screws to the people they look in the eye every single day, one can only imagine what they will do to a customer.
    • If you go down the list of Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work for” you will notice a common theme: the firms on this list also provide an outstanding experience to their clients. It is our goal at Integramax to one day be on every list of best companies to work for.
  • Treat our clients’ property with the utmost respect.
    • Our people receive extensive training in the importance of protecting our clients’ property. The importance of avoiding careless errors is also stressed with other firms that we partner with.
    • There are few things that will cause us to immediately separate our relationship from a person or firm. Not implementing common-sense steps to protect a client’s property from damage during a project is one of them.
  • Finally, have fun. People who enjoy what they do provide a superior client experience. And at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about.