Man with binoculars conducting physical security assessment.Physical Security Assessment

Integramax specializes in comprehensive physical security assessment for schools, businesses, hospitals, government facilities and other locations.

Integramax physical security assessments are conducted by teams of highly experienced law enforcement veterans. In addition to having served years on patrol and in a broad array of investigative capacities, our personnel have held a wide variety of special assignments. Positions held include SWAT supervisor, bomb technician, chief of VIP personal protection detail and crime scene unit supervisor.

Based in Westchester County, NY our firm conducts physical security assessment for every type of facility imaginable. Some of the locations we service include:

Education: colleges, universities, and schools K-12
Entertainment: theaters, sporting venues
Industry: corporate campuses, office buildings, research facilities, factories and other industrial locations
Healthcare: hospitals, surgery centers, doctor’s office, other clinical and research facilities
Government: government office buildings, public utilities (water treatment facilities, power plants, reservoirs)

The Integramax Physical Security Assessment Security Process

The Integramax physical security assessment process is a collaborative process with our clients. Unlike other companies, we will never simply ask for access to your facilities and then mail a generic report several months later.

Our advanced physical security assessment process always begins by meeting with your executive team. We listen to your concerns and work together to create a threat assessment matrix of potential security issues that your organization is most likely to face. During this session, we also look to identify a number of stakeholders who represent a broad cross-section of your organization to assist us as we examine your location.

The next step of the process involves a thorough exploration of both the interior and exterior of your facilities. Accompanied by members of your organization, we will visit the properties several times, in both daylight and darkness. After touring the physical plant and taking copious notes and dozens of pictures, our analysts then return to headquarters and compile this information into a comprehensive report that highlights any deficiencies that may be present.

Access to this information will be carefully controlled, and the final report will be transmitted securely to your organization’s executive team. In addition to highlighting potential problems that we observe, we will outline a path toward rectifying any issues that arise in an expedient, cost-effective manner.

If we do not provide the service(s) you need to address a particular shortcoming ourselves, we are happy to provide referrals to ethical partner firms with the expertise to get the job done right the first time in a cost-effective manner.

Physical Security Assessments Often Identify:
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Substandard door locks
  • Lack of video surveillance cameras and/or camera blind spots
  • Insufficient fencing
  • Vulnerability to vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (VBIEDS aka “car bombs”)
  • Tort liability hazards (slip and fall, etc.)

Don’t find out the hard way that there are holes in your physical security plan. Consider having Integramax assess physical security at your facilities. We do not employ salesmen, only low-key active and retired law enforcement officers who serve as a point-of-contact with potential clients when they are not on site sharing their valuable knowledge.

Integramax physical security assessments are discrete, thorough and effective. The first step is to improving security at all of your locations is to contact us.