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Integramax specializes in the design, installation and configuration of state-of-the-art high resolution video surveillance systems and related components for corporate, government, small business, and high-end residential clients.

As a company with deep roots in law enforcement, our foray into the world of CCTV was borne out of frustration with the poor quality captured by the video surveillance systems we encountered in police work. 

A vast majority of video surveillance systems in use today are incapable of capturing sufficient detail. In particular, faces and license plates tend to be unrecognizable. It is this lack of detail in blurry video that frequently causes police officers to demur on arrests and/or the district attorney to decline prosecution. Similar low quality video in civil matters can cause your insurance company to roll over and pay out instead of defending you.

Regrettably, even with the enhanced technology available today, unscrupulous firms are still installing low resolution, high-profit analog systems. It is usually not until after a critical incident has occurred that their clients realize just how incapable the system that they purchased actually is.

Not just Video Surveillance. Digital Evidence Collection.

Integramax HD video surveillance systems are designed to maximize the probative value of evidence collected. Unlike the alarm installers or home theater guys, Integramax brings both extensive security experience and broad technical skill to the table. Our consultants are experienced law enforcement officers who have appeared in court in support of video surveillance evidence and secured convictions.

Using high end products including German-made Mobotix cameras, our CCTV systems have the resolution, shutter speed and night performance to maximize the chances of collecting usable video under any lighting or weather condition.

Our motion detection options have a fraction of the false alarms of traditional burglar alarm systems. Intrusion alerts can be sent right to your mobile device. Cloud storage options allow for your video to be backed up to a remote location.

Video Evidence Provides Broad Protection

Video surveillance systems are incredibly effective in deterring criminal activity committed by strangers and employees alike. It has not been an uncommon experience to have a business owner tell us that a suspect employee handed in a resignation shortly after we conducted an onsite demo showcasing the resolution and totality of coverage of an Integramax system.

In addition to deterring (and documenting) crime, high definition video surveillance can be invaluable for:

  • Defending slip and fall lawsuits and other personal injury claims brought forth by clients and/or employees
  • Refuting claims that your organization damaged customer property by documenting pre-existing damage
  • Documenting property damage or inappropriate conduct by contractors, delivery personnel, employees, etc.

Integramax Provides Complete Solutions

  • Video Surveillance System Design
  • Hardware (including cameras, sensors, and computer systems)
  • Training

One of the core principles of the Integramax ethos is that an educated customer is our best customer.

Security Camera Basics (our free tutorial) was created for this purpose. This clear, concise document in bullet point format explains everything there is to know about video surveillance systems in non-technical language. Whether you entrust us with the privilege of your business, choose to go with a competitor, or install yourself, we hope that you will find it useful.

Integramax performs video surveillance system installation for enterprise clients nationwide. We also conduct video surveillance system installation for smaller businesses in Westchester County, NY and surrounding areas. 

Maximum Integrity, Maximum Results

If you are interested in learning even more about video surveillance systems, please consider contacting Integramax.