AEDOccupational Medical Emergency Readiness

At Integramax, both our customers and our employees mean a lot to us. For this reason, we are always prepared for any occupational medical emergency situation that may arise at facilities administered by our organization.

Consider allowing us to put our knowledge and enthusiasm to work for you as you can help you get your organization prepared for any medical emergency situation that may arise.

Our experienced multidisciplinary teams are made up of individuals with various levels of training, from first responders through board certified physicians. From minor cuts and sprains to cardiac arrest, we can help you establish an emergency occupational heath response plan that is right from your organization.  Our teams consult national, state and local guidelines as we custom design a thorough plan that is appropriate for your organization.


Occupational Emergency Medical Training and Equipment

In addition to helping you outline tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs), we can assist you with the procurement of both training and equipment (AEDs, first aid kits, eyewashes, etc). If we do not offer what you need in house, we are happy to refer you to an ethical partner firm that can source exactly what you need.

You owe it to both your customers and your employees to be prepared for routine medical emergencies that may happen on your watch. Let Integramax help you get prepared. Contact us today.