Hidden surveillance cameras installer.Special Application Surveillance (SAS)

The Integramax Special Application Surveillance (SAS) group installs hidden surveillance cameras installations in situations where we deem them appropriate.

A vast majority of the video surveillance systems that are designed and installed by Integramax are permanently installed systems mounted in highly visible locations.

Hard wired IP based systems are without question the most stable and reliable. They are the overwhelming choice of banks, casinos, military bases and other facilities where tight security is absolutely mission critical. And overtly placed cameras serve a tremendous deterrent value. We know from having spent countless hours in court in support of video evidence that deterring inappropriate conduct is far better than documenting it.

That being said, we understand that there are certain rare situations where deviation from this formula is appropriate. The employment of covert surveillance cameras tends to be a prudent course of action in support of specific, targeted investigations. For example, employee embezzlement and child abuse cases.

Hidden Surveillance Cameras: Artfully Concealed Covert Video

The Integramax Special Application Surveillance (SAS) group provides a valuable resource to law enforcement agencies, elite private investigators, law firms and business owners. This unit specializes in ultra-low-profile camera setups that can often be installed in a matter of minutes in support of active investigations.

When selecting camera models and placement, our personnel draw from decades of experience in law enforcement conducting and supervising criminal investigations in realms including counter-terrorism, narcotics and executive protection. Our imaging devices can be disguised as dozens of common household and workplace items that stand up to even the closest of scrutiny.

A Full Service Solution

In addition to setup and installation, all of our covert camera installs are backed by comprehensive round-the-clock support. Our team is available to handle any issues that arise, including battery changes in models where this is necessary.

For a capabilities brief with regard to the SAS group, please contact us.